Monday, June 29, 2015

Letter from Emmanuella


Dear Beverly Sykes,

I thank you for your letters and prayers you have been giving to me.  Your letters bring joy to me any time I read them.  God bless you.

Yes, I did well in my exams and I don't know the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.  Yes, I know blizzard but I haven't experienced some before.  Yes, I like to eat PawPaws.

I am reading a storybook titled "The Wicked Stepmother" and I am gaining a lot of lessons from it.  [I wonder what lessons she is learning from THAT book!]

How did you celebrated your Easter?

I pray that God will protect you from the hands of the devil and provide you all your needs.  Pray tat God will help me end this academic year successfully.

Memory Verse:  Romans 6:23 -- for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Amen.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Letter from Lovson


Dear Beverly Sykes,

I greet you with Jesus Christ's love!  How are you and your family?  My family and I are very well, thanks to God.  How is the weather in your country?  It's very hot here.

My project organized a program during the Eastertime last Aril 6.  We had lots of fun.  We were taught songs on the death of Jesus Christ and we ate lots of food.

I was very glad to get the letter you sent me and so were all my family.

The reason our signature is August is because Mom's is August and Dad's is August, so we get it from God.

Why were you very bad at math?  I'd like to become an engineer because there is lots of water in my area.  I'd like to exploit it.  [I wonder if "exploit" is the word he means!]

I want you to know that I know the story of Joseph with his colorful coat.

God bless you!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Letter from Shallon

Dear Beverly Sykes.,

How are you, dear?

Let me thank God who has given me this golden chance to say hey to you.  Praise God.  I thank God for that.

My family members are greeting you and your family members like Jeri, Ned, and Brianna.

My mother, I am praying to God such that I can get a job and start doing my work because I have finished my course in salooning. [I think she means "saloning," since she was studying hair cutting]

I thank you for your letters and everything you gave to me, like calendar.

You asked how we cook cabbages.  We first cut them in small pieces and then we cook them.

When someone dies, we celebrate the years he/she had.  We also sing church songs and pray for them that God receives them.

I have also seen Mike's photo.  Sorry about his loss.

My mother, don't worry about your good friend Mike.  God is there.  May he rest in internal peace.  Read from Exodus 14:14.  [The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.]

Also, we are in wet season.  How far with the snow I saw it in the letter how it was covering cars and roads.

I hope you are now okay and doing your work.

As for this year, I believe it's holding a lot for us.  Because even the bible says that that comes our way with a thankful heart.  I believe I will be able to earn a living and look after myself.

Otherwise, may God bless you!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Letters from Mwongela and Emilymueni

Be still my heart!  I have finally heard from the last two children of the "Kenya 7" They both sent form letters about their school.  First Mwongela...


I am in baby class.  My school is one and a half km from my house.   The name of my school is St. Patrick's Ngomana.  I go to school by foot.  The color of my uniform is orange and green.  My class teacher's name is Mrs Kilomo.  My best friend in school is Muteti Junior.  The games we play in school are football and chasing.  The other activities in school this term are athletics and drama.  What I like best about my school is playing and writing.  My favorite subject in school is number work.  After school, I like to become a policeman.

Mwongela passes his greetings hoping that you are doing good, together with your family.  He says his family is well too.

He says thank you for the letter you sent him.  He says he likes drawing animals.  He also says that he likes the picture of your friend and you, that you look nice.

He says bye for now and may God bless you.


I am in pre-school.  My school is 1.5 km from my house.  The name of my school is Ndula pre-school.  I go to school by foot.  The color of my school uniform is light green.  My class teacher's name is Mrs Monicah.  My best friend in school is Mumbi.  The games we play in school are games and athletics.  The other activities in school this term are cleaning.  What I like best about my school is it's neat and well arranged.  My favorite subject in school is English.  After school, I like to scooter.

Emily says she likes dogs.  Dogs stay with families at home.  She thanks you for the photos.  She says she hopes to see you without any hair and would like to meet you.  She says in Kenya we do not experience blizzards in our place.  She wishes you a good time as you serve the Lord through others.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Letter from Annie Rose

Annie Rose is one of my best writers.  She sounds like a very upbeat child and I've never seen a photo of her where she wasn't smiling.

March 31, 2015

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hello, Auntie!  How are you there Auntie?  And also your family.  How are they?  For me here, I'm fine together with my family.

I finished my grade 4 level and last March 26,2015 was our closing.  I joined our dance presentation.  Summer starts in our place and it is too hot, Auntie.  I'll stay at home.  I help my mother in her house chores.  After my work I just listening of music.

Auntie, I'm not yet know and heard about blizzard because we're not experienced about it.  But I wish to see on it.  I wanted to go a place whose have a season like a snow and like have a blizzard.

Annie Rose

Verse:  Mark 11:10
"God bless the one who comes of our ancestor David.  Hooray for God in heaven above.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letters from Wainaina, Leniel, and Samuel

Wainaina (Erick) had a breakthrough in the last few letters, where he is starting to write actual letters that aren't just full of the same rhetoric every time.  I loved this letter.  (It helps that he writes in English)

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hello!  I hope you are doing good  Well, I am so happy today to write  this letter to you.  You know, I like reading books of the old times because of the history and information they contain.  As I was reading a certain poem, I came across a saying that says, "Maybe God wants us to meet a wrong few people before meeting the right ones so that when we finally meet the right person we would know how to be grateful for that gift."  Though many of us find it difficult to accept the fact which is happenng in our daly life, maybe God had/has a reason for the to hapen.

I hope that you and your family are well and safe.  I am so happy today because every day in my life is always bright as a saying that says, "it always takes a smile to make a dog's day brighter."

How was your Easter?  I hope you had the best times ever because mine was fantastic.  I hope to receive more letters soon.

Erick (the first time he has signed his name Erick and not the more formal Wainaina)

Samuel is 9 and also from Kenya:

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Samuel greets you in the name of the lord.  He says he is doing well and he trusts the same applies to you.

He says he appreciates you as his sponsor and keeps on praying for you that God may keep you safe and bless you with long life.

Samuel says he recently celebrated the Easter and asks "did you also celebrate your Easter?"  He says in the project they celebrate the holiday by singing, dancing and praying and also eating some sweets.

Samuel thanks you for your letter and also for the stickers.  "God bless you, my sponsor," he concludes.

Leniel is in the Dominican Republic, and is 8.  He sends a fill in the blank form.

My favorite food is fried chicken.
My favorite color is blue
Other - my favorite animal is a horse
My favorite thing to do is watch TV

Hello Dear Beverly Sykes,

How are you?  I thank you for the letters you send me and also for the books.  I am going to the country this Easter.  I don't know anybody who has turned 100 years old.  I haven't met a pirate. 

My family and I are doig well.  There are no sunflowers.  I enjoy being with my family.  Do you have any animals at home?


Monday, June 8, 2015

Letters from Lavenda and Michael


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Receive much greetings fro me.  I hope you are fine in Christ.  I am also doing fine.  I thank you for the letters that you have given to me  They were so nice and I love the pictures that you sent for me.  I also love dogs and happy that you rear them at your home.  I don't have them at home, but my neighbour has them.  They also guide us at home during the night.

I am also happy to see the pictures of your family members and am happy to hear more about your family.  I also have a grandmother who lives with us in the same compound.  My grandfather has died and we are preparing to bury him.  Please pray for my family and my grandmother who has lost her husband.

God bless you and greet.


From Michael is a form letter which starts with blanks to fill in about his school:


I am in one (grade).  My school is one kilometer from my house.  The name of my school is Burumba Primary School.  I go to school by foot.  The color of my school uniform is grey.  My class teacher's name is Madam Shallon. My best friend in school is Joseph Owuor.  The games we play in school are football hide and seek.  The other activities in this term are sports.  What I like best about my school is we go for sport competition every term . My favorite subject in school is mathematics.  After school I like to read story books.

Michael says hello to you.  He says he is grateful that God has enabed him to share with you through this letter.  Michael says he got your last letter and was happy to hear from youy.  He says he likes drawing wild animals.  Michael says he has just celebrated Easter.  He says during Easter celebrations in Kenya, Christians spent most of the time in the church.  He asks how do you celebrate Easter in your country?

Michael says God bless you so much.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Letter from Brightone

Wow...big letter mail today.  And all three were good letters.

Brightone writes in ENGLISH!


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Accept Easter greetings from me.  I hope this letter finds you well kept in the Lord Jesus.  I am fine together with my family members who have said hi.  I am excited to write of you and it was such an encouraging moment to receive the letters you sent me.  Yes, here in Kenya we live with our families in houses  I live with my grandmother and my siblings.

I enjoy going to school, thanks to your support.  I am now in grade 2 and my school is called Mayenje Primary School.  I love being with my classmates.  My deskmates in my class are Evns and Victa.  We help each other to do assignments before we go to play.

Yes, I enjoy drawing too.  I also like colouring and playing with toys.  I draw houses, people, domestic animals and colour them.  I hope you enjoy the ones in this letter.

Easter was with us and we remembered the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  For us we sang praise songs to acknowledge God's love for us.  How did you celebrate Easter in your church?

 Thank you for your letters pictures and support towards me.  I also pray for you.  God bless you.  Goodbye!

From Brightone.

Letter from James

James also writes in English.


Dear Beverly Sykes

Hallo!  How are you?  I hope you are fine.  I am fine together with my family in the Lord.  I am grateful to God for giving me a friend like you to be my sponsor.  May the almighty God bless you.  Thanks for your letter.  I received it and it was really fun.  I enjoyed it as I hope you will enjoy mine too.

I am happy to inform you that I did well in my exam.  I was position 5 in my class and I thank God for that.

What is your favorite pet animal?

Please pray for me to continue doing good in school.  Please read from the book of Galatians 2:22.  Be blessed.

Yours faithfully,

Letter from Divine


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Your child, Divine, greets you in the name of Jesus and she is doing well together with her family, even though her siblings were suffering from malaria some days ago.  Her brother was bit by a dog.  She wants to be a medical doctor.

She has 70% marks.  They've started the 2nd term and she is deetermined to study hard.  She happily celebrated Easter day.  she was dressed in a new dress and so beautiful.  She sang in choir and rejoiced with her fellows over the resurrection of Jesus.

She wishes you the peace of God.  She thanks you for your 3 letters and the picturesyou sent.  They pleased her so much.  She keeps looking at the pictures.  What about Sonia?

We don't have dogs here.  the weather is now moderately rainy here and it's so nice.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Letter from Brayan

Brayan from Honduras is officially my very best letter writer!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

How is your health?  I hope you are well.  I thank you for all the letters you have sent me and I am very happy to reply.  It is so nice you are so attentive to your family and God will bless you more because you are helping your cousin.  Dogs are very loving when one treats t hem well and your cousin, it shows that she loves them very much.  Also thank you for all the photos in the name of Jesus.  Carolyn and her husband they will be in better health. The Lord Jesus is our best doctor that we could have.

In my country, Honduras, it is not too cold just when we are in winter.  At the time being it is very hot because we are in summer.  I feel very sad that in this season so many forests are on fire and nobody does anything and I am too young and my mom gets concerned if I go somewhere too dangerous.

It is nice that you are happy to help your cousin.  God will reward you so much in your mother's health and your cousin's too.  I will keep praying for your famiy and also for your cousin so it is God who does the miracle and also on your husband.

In my country of Zambrano there are many assistances, health centers, schools, kindergartens, CDC, churches, the community organization, several clinics, high schools.  There is someone who takes the mail. At the CDC Sister Jenny is the one responsible who is from the sponsorship and she takes it to Tegucigalpa to the Compassion offices.  In Zambrano there is no veterinarian yet but in Tegucigalpa there is.  There are people who take care of animals.  There a re people who pick up rash too in my town.  They clean the plaza and other places in town.  You are better prepared than our countr.  You are much better in assistance.

Greetings to Brianna and luck in the play.  I did not know what bowling was, but with the explanation you gave me, I understood and I will practice it to learn it very well.  Thank you for the explanation of bowling.  It is good that Brianna knows how to play it and she can teach it to others.  It is important. In my town in Zambrano there is no special place tobowl, but we play pretend with my friends.  In my town there are billiards and m mom says it is bad and I should not play it.

I would like to know what kind of checkup was your mother getting with the doctor?

What is the name of the tree that is in the snow?

I will continue to pray for your life and also for your family's.  I ask you to pray for me and also for my mom so she can have a permanent job.  She struggles with all her strength for us to be well.

God bless you always and your family.  May you receive much health from the Lord Jesus.  Until next time and thank you for your photos and letters.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Letter from Theresa

Theresa sends a form letter and then someone at her center writes a letter for her, which is kind of weird, in spots, when she answers my questions.

I get water from the tap
My house is made of mud
The floor of my house is made of earth
The roof of my house is made of tin
Do I have electricity in my house?  Yes
Thank you for your letter and sponsrship.
Child's prayer request:  Theresa wants you to tank the lord for her life.

I would like you to know more about my house:  Theresa's mother makes palm oil from palm fruits in their house.

Theresa says they grow food and vegetables for the family and also sell to get money.  She said no, because she has not seen some before (I am guessing this is in reference to my asking her if she had ever seen snow...but I'm not sure!)  

Theresa said she is doing well.  She said she do not know what is bowling.  She said the helpers they have in her community are the only health center.  She said it only happen a while which she did not know it was earthquake.  She said no.  She has never experienced any of them.

Theresa said Ghana is very hard and struggling.

Friday, May 29, 2015

And Cristal Makes 30

I realized that I had 29 kids, a combination of sponsored and correspondence kids and thought it should be an even number, so I asked for one more correspondence child.  Today, I was assigned Cristal from Guatemala, who is the same age as Brianna.

She lives in the coastal community of San José El Idolo, home to approximately 8,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, wood walls and corrugated tin roofs. The primary ethnic group and language is Cakchiquel.

She lives with both of her parents, who are both employed as church workers.

Her hobbies include
  • Dolls
  • Group games
  • Play house
  • Jacks
  • Running
  • Other ball games
I look forward to getting to know her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Kids

I've added 4 new kids over the past month or so.

When the call went out for sponsorship for "older kids" who are more difficult to place, I thought I'd just take a look.

I just checked on this photo of a girl in Tanzania.  She was 14 and one of the oldest in the group.  I had NO intention to sponsor another child because I just could not afford it.

But her name was Eunice.  Eunice Gilbert.  That was like a message from the grave.  How could I turn my back on a child named Gilbert?  So I agreed to sponsor her.  I don't know how, but somehow I'll do it.

Then there are three new correspondence sponsored kids.

 Rifaldi from Indonesia
 Joham from Colombia
and Woodsen from Haiti

Got my work cut out for me with all these new kids to get to know, but I know it will be worth it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A wonderful letter from Anjali

Anjali was my first sponsored child in 2009 and now has become one of my best letter writers.  She is 12 now.


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Ireceived your letters.  I am very happy that.  How are you?  How is your family members?

Thank you for you send your friends photo.  But I am very sad about this news.  I pray for your friend Mike's soul and also I pray for Char's health and her five children's health.  God has given you all needs for your friend Mike and Char's family.

I am very happy are you seen the world leaders' photos.  I am very happy because your sons adults have a own children.  God has chosen what is the best for your adults own children  I pray for your cousin's health.

We celebrated Christmas very happily.  I am very happy because are you celebrate the Christmas very enjoyful.  Thank you for you send Walt's sister photo.  My favourite Christmas song is "Jingle Bells."  Please send my Christmas greetings to your mother sadly and Walt's sister.  [not sure what the "sadly" refers to!]

How is your daughter and her husband?  I am very happy because are you seen the many beautiful places.  Thank you for your send that photos Bernese Mountain Dog was very nice.  I like it very much.  How is Jeri and Phil?

I am so happy are you write the Malala Yousafsi girl story.  I am so happy are you send this photo.

I am studying very well.  I write FA4 (Formative Assessment) exams very well.  My family members are all pray for your famiy members in our daily prayers.

Now we are enter the summer season.  We got so many fruits like mango, watermelon, musk melon, etc.  Every Saturday evening my community project children gathered one house and pray for their problems.  God has chosen my group name is "Moses."

My school conduct one programme that is (CF) Christmas friend.  CF means exchanging of gifts.  My CF name is B.Victor paul.  My name was come by Charan Raj.  He is studying 10th class.  Please pray for exams.

My project conduct every month Bible quiz and children in prayers.  I participated that Bible quiz.  Please pray for my project.

thank you for your gracious love andsupport.

Your loving child,
M. Anjali

Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter from Miché

 Miché is good about answering all sorts of questions.  I should give him more questions that need more than a "yes" or "no" answer!


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Today, I am so pleased to be writing you this letter.  How are you doing and family?  I am doing very well, thanks to God.  How are doing your activities?  It is always with joy that I am writing you.  I was glad to gt your letter and the beautiful picture.  No, I don't hear about this game called "bowling"  Yes, it is me who use to take it  (him) in the Project.  Yes, there are vets here to take care of  the animals.  Yes, there are people to gather the trash.  There are several people that help people in the community as nurses. Yes,  have people who help me in the community.  No, I did not hear about the snow storm.  I am asking you to pray for my school and my church.  Thank you.

I wish that God blessed you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Letter from Fred

March 30, 2015

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!

Once again I would like to say hello to all of you.  About me, I'm OK, by God's grace. I saw the snows that is very t hick.  Yes, we also have community helpers. 

By the way, what is the name of Brianna's friend?  Who teaches them how to cook?  I'm so very proud of her.

Thank you also for the letter that you send for me and also the pictures. Please pray for my family's health and my schooling.  Thank  you and God bless you!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Letter from Briana


Dear Beverly Sykes,

It is a real pleasure for me to write you this letter. How are you and your activities going?  How is your family doingG?  Are they all alright?  To me, everything is going step by step.

I am ansering the questions you asked.  In Haiti all the things are going step by step.  Yes, it is always the midwife who helps in the giving birth in Haiti.

How do you celebrate the Easter by your side?

How is Brianna doing?  Does she still go to school?  What about your mommy?  I prayed for you and your family.  I hope you are very well.

Help me pray as I help you to pray too so I obtain my average for promoting to grade 9, if God's willing.  I encourage you to read Psalm 1.  It is by that verse I leave you.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter from Emmanuella


Dear Beverly Sykes,

God bless you for your letters and prayers.

(in answer to a question I asked her)  No, I pick letters from the post office.  We have people who help in cleaning the community and also pick up garbages.  There are veterinarians who care for sick animals.

I now read a chapter of the Bible every day.

How did you celebrate Christmas?

I pray that God will heal Walt from the cancer.  (she obviously confused Walt with my cousin)

Pray that God will grant me wisdom and understanding.

Luke 2:52 - And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and have favour with God and men.  Amen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letter from Mercy

This is my first letter from Mercy, age 10, one of the "Kenya 7"


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hallow [sic] Sykes.  I greet you in Jesus name from Kenya.  In Kenya there is no rain.

Last year I work hard and I was promoted to class five and I was happy.  I go to Sunday School and I pray for you.  Read Isaiah 41:6 (They helped every one his neighbor; and every one said to his brother, Be of good courage.)

My grandmother is called Ann Sigira and I am happy.  I have never heard of a blizzard.  Thank you for giving me many gifts.  God bless you.

I know I am special when God died for my sins and also be Compassion child.  Alone in our home pray for me and greet you friends.

This is the drawing she included: