Sunday, January 3, 2016

Letter from Lovson

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I feel very happy today to write this letter to you!  How are you and your family?  My family and I are very well.  How is your weather?  It is getting cold in my country.  Thanks for your beautiful pictures. 

I always think of where I sleep.  I sleep with my older brother on the same bed.  my favorite activity with my family is singing beautiful songs about the death of Jesus Christ.  I don't know Sudoku game and we don' have this animal in my country.

I had a good summer time.  I played soccer and dominoes.  We swam in the river.  I ate spaghetti, rice and egg. 

We have pure water in my area, but it is from a spring.  We purify it to drink it. 

Thanks for your beautiful book you sent for me.  Pray for me and my family to always be in good health.  May God bless you abundantly.

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