Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Photo of Briana

I received a new picture of Briana, in Haiti today.

Someday I am going to get a picture where she is actually smiling.  That will be a happy day.

It hurts my heart to see those thin-thin-thin arms and legs.

I also discovered that Somai, from East India, who is a correspondent child, lost his financial sponsor.  Unfortunately, I can't afford to sponsor another child, so I had to tell them I could not take over the sponsorship, and thus I will lose him.  Makes me feel guilty, since now he goes back on the waiting list, but I can't do any more.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bev,

    Please e-mail me at sharon@acall2missions.com. I want to see if I can pick up the sponsorship of Somai, and you're welcome to remain his correspondent sponsor so you can keep that link.

    Would you e-mail me his number so I can call Compassion?

    Unless, of course, you've found another sponsor already for him.