Saturday, September 27, 2014

Letter from Samuel

I think that 9 year old Samuel is the best child I have for answering questions, either that or the person who writes for him is good at it!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Receive warm greetings from your friend Samuel.  He hopes that you are doing very well together with your family.  He says that he is very grateful for the letters you have been sennding to him.  He says that he usually feels very happy and close to you.

He says that when you sneeze in Kenya, you cover your mouth to avoid infecting others and say "excuse me."  Then someone next to you will say that he/she is sorry.  What about in the USA?

He says that he has never known someone who is 100 years old and that he has never met a pirate before because he does not know who a pirate is.

He congratulates you on your anniversary.

He says that he uses chalk for drawing on a blackboard.

Thank you for being my sponsor and a friend.  Goodbye, Samuel says.

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