Friday, November 5, 2010

A Letter from Fred

I always love it when I get letters from Fred (or his mother), because the smiling little boy on the stationery always makes me smile. This is what his mother has to say in this letter, written September 17 (in reply to my letter of July 14)

Dear Mrs. Sykes (I do hope she eventually calls me something else!)

Have a blessed day!!!

Thank you for sharing a lot of good story about your trip in Russia and also for the pictures you send here. He been so nice to know the history of this church and to see your friend here in the pictures, Charlotte and Mike.

In our country the well knowned church here is Catholic, but I believe the Baptist church is the best because I know they really founded and analyzed well what inside in the Bible.

Do you have any other sponsored beside Fred?

Mrs. Sykes, thank you for consulting us here. Fred and all of us were okey in the goodness of God. . Fred was nice in his study, before and after his sleep he always prayed. . And we prayed also that you and your family and friends were living in good condition and always happy.

Fred's mother

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