Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fred and Esther

I received not one, but two thank you letters from Compassion kids today. Esther says that for her Christmas money she bought new clothes. She also answered one of my letters where I suggested that she tell me five things about herself (and I told her five things about myself). Her 5 things were

1. I have tan skin and my friends often mock me, but I keep giving thanks for the grace of God.
2. I also love to read. Usually I choose to read novels and teen age magazines.
3. My favorite color is white or light purple
4. I often go with my friends to make photos
5. my favorite subject is the Javanese language

Fred is telling me what his family bought with the family gift I sent at Christmas. "We bought blouses, t-shirt, shoes, shorts, sandals, umbrella. We used it for Sunday. The t-shirt and the shoes Fred used for his playground demonstrations at school. The rest of the money we bought groceries for our daily needs. Your gift is a great help for us, so from the bottom of our heart and our family we would say thank you very much. May God continue to bless you.

I'd love to know what this means. I think I'm going to send a copy of this back to him and ask him to explain it!

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