Thursday, May 5, 2011

...before we leave

I've spent the morning writing letters to the Compassion Children, so they will all have something to read while we are away.

Each got a letter and something else. For Shallon in Uganda was a book about Michelle Obama. Fred in the Philippines got a book about Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat. Pedro in Brasil got a book on instructions for making several different kinds of paper airplanes. Esther in Indonesia and Anjali in India each got instructions for string games (I'm hoping they can find string). Victor from Bolivia and Briana from Haiti each got pages from a book of "find a picture," things you are supposed to find within a photo--kind of like a Where's Waldo, but not quite as complicated. Leniel in the Dominican Republic, who is only 5, got pages of a coloring book. Wainana in Kenya got some superhero bandaids and a set of stickers with pictures of Jesus.

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