Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Kiva Loan

This is Jane V from the Philippines.

Jane is 33 years old and is a married woman with two young children. Her older child is 12 years old.

She is engaged in farming and hog-raising businesses. Her husband is a farmer and she helps him till their land to grow rice crops. She also helps sell their harvest at the market. Jane also grows pigs at their backyard. Jane plans to use her loan to buy pig feed, fertilizers and gasoline for the tractor.

In the future, Jane hopes for her family to have improved living conditions.

I find that when I make a Kiva loan now, I tend to look for people who are in the same countries as the children I sponsor...and how can I not loan money to someone who raises pigs in her back yard!!! (I love how the Kiva description said that she "grows pigs" instead of "raises pigs" ... I guess with pigs, "growing" is a more appropriate word!)

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