Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There were two letters from Esther, one a day after the other. The first promised photos which were not included in the envelope. But when the second envelope came, there they were!

With her 10 month old nephew

With her cousin

With her school friends

With her sister and brother
(or it might be her cousin and brother; not sure!)

To Beverly Sykes,

I am writing to tell you how I am doing. Within 2 days after I write this letter I am going to do the 2nd semester exam. I hope I'll do it well and I also pray that God will be with me. It will end next wee. Then we will celebrate the 60th school anniversary.

Before the exams I got a task to be one of the Red Cross member in the flag ceremony on May 2nd. You can see my photo - I enclosed photos with my family, too. It was after Church in Jakarta.

My favourite music is pop. I like a song with title Rainbow of His Love (Pelangi Kasth Hya) What is your plan on this holiday?

My love regards. I am happy to receive your photo, letter, the bible marker, and the colouring paper.

May God always bless you.

And the second letter

To Beverly Sykes.

I'm glad to receive your letters. Today is the fifth day I have been joining the final exam. I have been joining the final exam on this last (2nd) semester. I'll complete it in these next two days. I wait for it.

The school holiday is coming soon. It's my favourite thing. We plan to visit mother's sister, who is ill. Her house is quite far from our town. It is in Bandung. We need 10 hours to get there. It will be exhausting. Please always pray for me that I'll pass to the next grade on good marks.

Regards with love from me to you.

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