Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Letter from Fred

A wonderful new letter from Fred today:

Dear Auntie Sykes

Christian Greetings!!!

Thank you for the postcards you sent. We are sure that you enjoyed your trip. The Great Wall of China is beautiful. We have no river here like that green river. We have also many rivers here but most are narrow rivers. Praise God for that boat company. We're sure that they sponsor lovely children like Fred.

In Fred's classrooms they also talk about their dreams in the future. Fred wants to become a policeman in the future. He will help keep the country free from danger and crimes.

Fred likes the panda very much. He hopes to hug one too. By the way, do you also have more pandas in your place? Here we have none.

We have also pictures of dragon here.

The story of Joseph is very beautiful. We had a great lesson that humbleness is very important. Thank you for the book. Fred likes it very much.

Please pray that Fred will love to eat more healthy foods. Please continue to pray for his health. Until here.

God bless you!!!

[Fred's mother]