Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Raemo has become an Excellent Role Model and Leader

Raemo Sylvester 2011

Dear UBS, Bill, Amy, Dana, Rob, Steve, Beverly, Sarah, Brooke & Nick, Jennifer, and Emily,

Raemo is in 8th grade and started attending TEAM-WORKS Academy, because he was struggling in his classes. He began the program feeling like it was a form of punishment by his teacher to have to get extra help. Soon, he realized that TEAM-WORKS was more than just a tutoring program.

Raemo has made a lot of great relationships during his time at the academy. Many of the other students, have begun to look up to Raemo because he is friendly, hard working, and loves to participate. As a result, he has become an excellent role model and leader to the rest of the students in the Academy. Raemo lets everyone feel comfortable in being themselves, by being friendly to everyone and by being his true self. During character lessons, Raemo always has a lot to add to the discussions, and he brings many bright ideas to the table which also helps the other students.

Raemo has grown so much since his first day at TEAM-WORKS Academy. He has really taken advantage of the program, by participating, contributing, and working hard. Raemo does everything with a smile on his face and brings a lot of energy to the club each day. Because of your thoughtful donations that we appreciate so much, Raemo is in a safe environment after school adding to his knowledge and growth each day.

Loan made through See Your Impact.


  1. What a great donation! I just recently donated money for a child in Guatemala to have a school book. I'm excited to get my picture in the next week or so.

  2. Kayla pointed me this way and this is awesome! I'm the Emily listed, I just blogged about this today. :)