Saturday, January 7, 2012

Letters from Fred

There were two letters from Fred today, one of which he actually wrote himself. The first was the usual update from his mother:

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian greetings!!! We are so happy that God bless our families with such goodness. We are happy for your new baby. I like butterflies too but they just got many in a season. I saw the pictures of the sea lion. I wish that we will have it here. Do you live near the beach or the mountains. We will pray for your cousin's recovery.

Our church had a sportsfest last October and the theme talks about the eagle. The park is so beautiful. We have many tourist spots here. Here in our place we have the Canlan Volcano.

thank you for the coloring books. thank you for your goodness to us. May God bless you always! Please pray that Fred will love God above all.

Fred's mother

Fred always draws such sunny, happy pictures but I had to chuckle at this one which looks like the sun coming up over McDonald's. I am impressed with the forced perspective in the bricks, though.

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