Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank You from Emmanuella

I received a thank you letter from Emmanuella in Ghana for her Christmas gifts.  Each year, all the children received gifts, whether their sponsor has sent money or not.  I send one check and it gets divided among all of my sponsored children.  I love this picture because I chose Emmanuella because she was dressed in raggedy jeans and looked like a sullen little boy.  To see her dressed in a new dress, with a hint of a smile is wonderful...and her letter (which she wrote herself, in English) was more personal than letters I get from many of my other children.

Dear Beverly.

Thank you very much.  May you receive everything you have spend on me in many folds.

My siblings are Felix, 2 years, and RoseMarie, 17 years.  Yes, I see butterflies in Ghana and Ilike its colours. Mavis' house (her friend) is far from my house, so we only meet at school.

Say hello to Brianna and Lacie and a big well done to your son and his wife.

I had a terrible experience two weeks ago when our house got flooded by heavy fain fall.  I had all my learning materials spoiled.

What are the names of your siblings and son?

I pray that God will protect Lacie from every sickness.

I want you to pray for me to be a good girl for God and my parents.


She also included a drawing of a computer.


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  1. I am so sad to read about her learning materials being ruined. Maybe there is a way you can send her extra money and request that Compassion buy her new school supplies, if that's possible for you.

    What a blessing you are to this beautiful girl!