Friday, April 13, 2012

Letter from Esther

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I would like to tell you about last year's Christmas.  It was quite impressive for the birth of our Savior were the same as the birth of my pastor's grandchild. We celebrated Christmas and also the birth of a cute little baby of our Pastor.  But, besides the happiness, my grandma's older sibling died.  I was so sad to hear the news.  Maybe, God has a wonderful plan behind all this.

We had a lively New Year's celebration in my town, Salatiga.  I saw very beautiful fireworks, although I saw them in the crowd, I was still able to see them.

I am happy to be able to receive all the letters and photos you have sent me, Beverly.  I thank you for the stickers you have sent me.

Last January, on 27-01-2012, to be exact, I went on a study tour to Bali Island.  That island is very beautiful.  It's even famous all over the world.  Beverly, have you heard of the beauty of Bali Island?  I am happy that I have been there twice.  The very impressive things are the b eauty of nature and its cultures.  Maybe this is what people call as beautiful God's creations. I believe that as I see the nature which I think cute/beautiful -- the beaches as we cn see the huge beautiful nature from the beaches we can also express all we think and feel.

Oh yeah.  I got quite satisfying results in my last exams.  I was grateful to be able to get 6th rank in my class. Beverly, did you ever get any rank in your class?

Beside that I had a quite good grade in red cross class in my school report.  I only got B.  I will try to get B next time.  From the red cross class I learn many things like helping accident victims and natural disaster victims and many more.  I make all of these skills if there is a little accident, etc. which needs a help.

Many things make me laugh when I think they are funny.  We have a blood donor at my school.  In fact, I want to participate but I am still afraid of getting hurt.  I only coordinate snacks and drinks for the donors and medical officers.  Please pray for this to go well.

I will write you again in some other time.  I send my love to you.  God  bless

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  1. Such a neat letter, full of interesting details! Thanks for sharing these with us!