Thursday, April 5, 2012

Letters from Fred

Two letters from Fred, one written by his father and one a form filled out by Fred himself.  For the letter:

Dear Auntie Sykes,

Christian Greetings!

We are so thankful that we could write to you.  I am Fred's father, Mr. Frederick Cardinal.  Thank you for the family gift we received.  We received an amount of 1,079.50.  We bought new clothes and groceries.  The children have new clothes to wear at church.  We are so happy for the foods.  Thank you for your goodness.  Please pray that we will be protected from danger, especially Fred.

Mr. Frederick Cardinal
(Fred's Father)

There was this drawing by Fred:

The second letter contained a form with multiple choice answers where sponsors can learn more about their child's living situation.  Fred's answers show that:

My house is made of bamboo, palm frond and wood
I get water from a well
In my house I sleep on a bed
I help in the house by cleaning the house
I have electricity in the house.
My house is 0.5 km away from the center.

He drew this picture

He added the following note:

Dear Sponsor.  I love you.

Sponsor, thank you so much for the dragonball that you gave me.

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