Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Banesa

It was with a heavy heart that I received the news that I would no longer be corresponding with Esther, from Indonesia.  But it was for a good reason.  She had aged out of the program, had graduated from school, and now has a job.  She is going to be writing me a goodbye letter, and I wrote one to her.

The Compassion rep asked if I would like another child to write to, and of course I said yes.  So I just received the information on Banesa, who is 11 years old and from the Dominican Republic.

She is one of five children and she loves to play with dolls and to sing.

She runs errands for her parents (both of whom are employed), and fetches water.  Most of my compassion children have the task of carrying water, even the tiny one, which lets us know the problem of water in third world countries, where the water source is usually polluted, but the only place where they can get water.

I look forward to getting to know Banesa over the coming months.


  1. Congrats to your Esther!! That is such a good reason to leave Compassion. And isn't it so nice to be able to write a final letter? Your Banesa is so cute!! Have fun writing to her!!

  2. thanks! I'm looking for some good paper dolls for her now, since she likes to play with dolls.