Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter from Josphat

My latest "fill in the blanks" letter from Josphat tells me about his "Project Learning."  It is dated 7/22/13

My favorite thing I have learned in my project is to respect God.  About friendship, I have learned to sacrifice for my friends. About taking care of my body I have learned to wear clean clothes. About being polite and kind, I have learned to appreciate each other.  About my home area, I have learned the common food people eat is Ugalo (corn meal).  I have learned that some of the jobs people do are digging.  To learn about cleanliness we should wash our clothes daily.

In his "Message to my sponsor" Josphat writes:

Much regards from your sponsored child Josphat.  He says he is doing fine together with his family.  Josphat says the weather in his home place is rainy and that they have started harvesting crops like peas and beans.  He says you are always in his prayers always.  He ends by saying thank you and that God bless you abundantly.

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  1. What a neat letter! I love when they share what they're learning. And what a great drawing!!! Your Josephat is such a good artist!! I'm impressed!