Friday, October 4, 2013

Final letter from Esther

Esther is now 18.  She's from Indonesia and I have been writing to her since February of 2010.  She was one of my best letter writers, and I will miss her, but I am happy to know that she has completed the program and is starting her adult life.

Dear Beverly,

I thank Beverly for giving a lot of impressions and good messages to me, for the help, attention, gifts and prayers all this time.  I just want to say goodbye to Beverly because I'll depart from Project now.  My goal after the departure from Project is to work to help my parents and siblings.  There are actually a lot of benefit I get from Project.  Project activity now really helps the progress of teens nowadays indeed, to educate and to create in any field.

I hope Beverly understands my decision.  I ask for support and prayer for this future ahead, that God always be with me on every step I take.  On the contrary, I'll always pray for you and the family there.  I won't ever forget all your kindness.

God bless and be with you always.

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  1. Esther is beautiful!! Although it is sad to say goodbye, I love when the goodbyes are due to good causes!! Good for her for completing her time at the project! I hope that she's very successful in her future.