Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Letter from Josphat

Here is the form letter from Josphat about weather in Kenya

The season now is  Rainy

It is now cold

Around this time the farmers are planting.

When the weather is sunny I like to play

When the weather is rainy I like to shelter.

My favorite kind of weather is sunny.

On my last birthday the weather was sunny.

Last Christmas the weather was sunny.

There follows a Message to my sponsor

Receive much greetings from your child sponsor. He is doing well with his family.  He says that he loves you and your family.  He says that he is much glad for the letters he received.  He says they planted in their garden and are about to have a plenty harvest.  He asks whether you have Compassion in your states and also he requests for prayers from you so that God will continue blessing them.  "Goodbye," he adds.

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