Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letter and New Photo from Theresa

I received a form from Theresa, dated 1/18/14 along with a new photo.  It hurts my heart every time I get a photo from her.  Each time she has such a terribly sad look on her face.  This year I notice that her eyes also have a "dead" look in them.  the day I receive a smiling picture--even a hint of a smile--on the face of this little girl, I will be very happy indeed.

The form this month is about her hobbies and pets.  Her hobbies are cooking in cans and tins, singing and watching television along with visiting her friends.  She does not have a pet.  She says the hobby she would like to learn is reading (she is only 6).

She also tells me that her parents raise sheep, but they are not her pets.

Her coordinator writes for her, answering questions that I asked in a couple of my letters.

Theresa is very fine and has never in her life heard about having a big party for a bathroom wall.  Moreover, she is yet to come across any thing silly or fun about where she lives that makes her happy.  Yes, some families over here share their homes with pets, but there is no celebration like your Thanksgiving in this country.  She prays for good health for Ned.


  1. Whoa. She has never in her life come across anything silly or fun about where she lives that makes her happy??? That poor girl!!! That's so sad :(

  2. I know. I wonder if I will ever see her smile.