Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter from Josphat

Josephat sent a form letter, followed by a message.  He also sends me several drawings.


Dear Bevery Sykes,

During free time I like to play soccer.  My favorite activity is visiting friends.  When I am outside I like to play.  When I am inside, I like to help doing domestic chores.  One sport I like to play is soccer.  I usually play with friends and siblings.   When I am bored, I like to read a story book.  One fun thing I like to do is dancing.

Message to my sponsor:  Receive many greetings from your sponsored child, Josephat.  He says he is doing okay and that they have just opened school.  He says he wants to wish you all the best in life this year and he says  you are in his prayers always.  He says he is requesting you to remember him in prayers so as to excel academically.

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