Saturday, October 25, 2014

Letter from Divine

Compassion told me that this girl's name was Mushimiyimana Divine and so I have been writing "Dear Mushimiyimana," which I seem to be unable to memorize.  However, her lovely letter came today and it refers to her throughout as I am happy to now call her "Divine," which I can spell!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Your daughter Divine greets you in the name of Jesus Christ.  She is doing well with her family and they are blessing God.  She is doing well at school and currently in her 3rd and final academic term of this year 2014.  We are still experiencing a long dry season, but it is sooin starting to rain.  We are preparing to start planting crops.  In which season are you?  Please keep praying for us to stay healthy and the Divine may maintain good school grades.  May God's peace and blessing keep being with you.

Divine is thankful to you for the letter which you sent her of recent.  She was happy to receive it and hear from you.  Thank you for having updated her on how you were doing.

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