Saturday, November 1, 2014

Two letters today

From Theresa

This form letter is about Theresa's hope for the future.

I hope to learn about science
I hope to visit my home town
When I grow up I want to be a nurse
I hope to help my parents
In the future I hope to meet my sponsor

Than you for your words of encouragement, pictures and prayers.  She says God should bless her family and her schooling.

She said she would like to be a nurse in the future.

She said she is doing well.  She said she likes going to church and farm with the family and chat with them to have fun also.

From Briana

Dear Beverly Sykes,

It's a real pleasure for me to write you this letter in order to greet you and answer your questions.  How are you, your activities and your family?  As for me, everything is doing well.  My family and I are doing very welll, thanks to God.  Yes, I know someone who is 100 years old.  Her name is Luma Maryanne.  She is my great grandmother, the mother of my grandfather.  No, I am not used to seeing pirates, except in books and movies.  Please pray for me to have more intelligence and patience in all I do.  I am also praying to God to bless you more.  I leave you with psalms 1and I encourage you to read it.

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