Friday, January 30, 2015

Letter from Lovson

Dear Beverly Sykes:

It is with great happiness that I take my pen to write to you this letter. How are you and your family? My family and I are doing very well. How is the weather in your country? It is cold in my country. I let you know that the earthquake didn't make great damage in my locality even if I felt it. Thanks for the pictures that you have sent to me. I let you know that there are flowers where I am living and they are very nice. There is somebody in my family who I love so much. It is my mother because it is thanks to her that I am living. I let you know that there are not wild flowers where I am living. How do you prepare to celebrate the Christmas? I let you know that I celebrated my birthday on the last July 8th. I played so much with my family. I let you know that I did the 2nd term exams and they don't give the results yet. I ask you to help me to pray that I can get success in the 2nd term. Help me to pray that I can spend a good Christmas holiday. Thanks!

God bless you richly.

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