Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There was a letter from Briana in Haiti today, a bit worrisome, but since it was mailed a couple of months ago, I guess it is probably OK now.

Briana greets you in the name of the living God. How are you and your family? She wishes you good health. She always asks yes when we are praying, to pray for you and your family. Briana has grade for the second term. She is in a music class. She was not too well last week. We went to hospital with her. Now she is healed, in Jesus' name.

Briana thanks you for the anniversary gift that you sent for her in January. We bought her a beautiful dress. Briana is very happy for your mother, who is 91 years old. She says that she has many cousins. Briana has ten cousins. But three of these spend rarely time with her. She is glad to see you love your mother.

Briana thanks you for the beautiful pictures. Every time she is home from school, before studying, she looks at the pictures. She says that she is praying for your child Ned and the new baby so that she always healthy.

May God in his love bless everybody in your family. Thank you.

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