Tuesday, June 28, 2011


No, I haven't agreed to sponsor another child...nor did I take on another child as a correspondence child, but Michelle of "Blogging from the Boonies" put out a call for help the other day.

She explains, "Two weeks ago, as I was looking through children awaiting sponsors on the Compassion International website, a face caught my eye. It isn’t unusual, as I scan through the pictures and pray for the faces, that some of the sweet children pull at my heart. But this face… I don’t know if I can fully articulate, but once I saw Kwagala Deborah's face and read the story behind this young lady, I could not get her out of my mind. Several times a day, I would find myself looking at her profile. I posted her link here and there and mentioned her on my blog. I thought for sure that one of my family members or friends would also be captivated by her and stand up to sponsor her. But days passed and no one did."

She continued to be drawn to this girl, she could not afford to sponsor her herself. Then she had an idea. She decided to see if anybody would be interested in joining a group sponsorship.

"In the last week, thirteen people (and their families) have joined together to shower one beautiful girl with support, love and prayers. Enough donations have rolled in to pay for Kwagala Deborah’s sponsorship through May of 2012. ... Kwagala means love. This experience has shown me the power of love and I pray that Deborah in Uganda can soon feel the love we have for her."

I'm one of the group, though I couldn't send much. But I now consider her as part of my Compassion family too.

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