Monday, June 6, 2011


I was very surprised to log onto the Compassion web site today and learn that Pedro, from Brasil, has left the program. There was no explanation, but there was the name of a 4 year old Brasilian boy and an option to accept him as a replacement, or not.

I was at first very upset about how this was all handled, but others in Compassion have convinced me that Compassion always either calls or sends mail when something like this happens and perhaps I just happened to log in when the news hit their web site, but there has not been enough time for them to contact me more personally than just posting to a web site. I hope so.

I will miss Pedro. He was the second child I sponsored, but he also was one who rarely wrote, so I really know little about him. My one disappointment was that he expressed interest in American football and I found all sorts of information on the internet that would help explain the game to him, and had it all translated by our Brasiian son (now living in Canada), who translated it paragraph by paragraph and left the English to help Pedro see the words that were being translated. I sent that about a year ago and it was never mentioned. It was one of the things I was the most excited about sending.

Oh well, as I have been told, several times, by my son in other instances "It's not about you, Mom." And it wasn't about me. It was about Pedro. I hope his departure from the program means that his family is in better financial circumstances and don't need Compassion's assistance any more.

Now I have to see what I'm going to do about a new child to sponsor, to take Pedro's place.

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