Monday, November 7, 2011

Letter from Murugi

Murugi is a correspondence child, which means I don't sponsor her financially, but I write to her, since her financial sponsor doesn't. She is 19 and her letter today had exciting news.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

It is my hope and prayer that you are fine under God's Care. Back at home we are fine, experiencing the cold August weather. How is the weather back there?

We are now harvesting our crops from the shamba (a garden, in Kenya) at our place. We are happy and thankful to God because we are able to harvest a lot of maize and beans.

I'm happy that I did my secondary examination well and I've joined college. (I'm so happy for her!) My grandmother is very proud of me for that.

How are you doing back there? Do you take part in church activities like I do? I usually attend the church every Sunday. I'm also a member of youth choir in our church. When I'm not in school other youth members and I take part in cleaning the church and its compound and also visit the sick in hospitals and in their homes. What do you usually do?
  • This is where I get uncomfortable. These children want so desperately to know what you do in church, what prayers you say, what Bible verses you like to read. It's difficult for someone who does not attend church and doesn't read the Bible to know how to respond!)
Receive greetings from my family member. I'm grateful for you and your support and I pray that God blesses you so much. I will continue praying for you and thank God for giving me a good friend like you. Thank you for your support and may God bless the work of your hands.


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