Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letter from Anjai

I had a very nice letter from Anjali today. Things seem to have done a 180 since she started writing her own letters. It's like I have found a brand new child!

Dear Beverly Sykes:

Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine here. I hope you same with you there. I am studying well. How are you? How is your health?

We are going enter int winter season. This season is very beautiful to us. I like the winter seasn. At morning time we have see the fog, on the open place. It is looking very nice. In this season we have many fruits like jujubi, custard apple, apple, pomogranate, etc. How is your weather?

We will be celebrating All Saints Day on November 1st and next day we will be celebrating All Souls Day on November 2nd. That day we decorated our elders' tomb with flowers and candles.

I am praying for you and your family in my daily prayers. You also pray for me. Once again, thank you for your sponsorship.

Your loving child,

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