Friday, December 9, 2011

Fresh Water - See Your Impact

Having come to understand the need for fresh water in so many different places, this "see your impact" story brings tears to my eyes.

Kavin and her family have access to clean water!

Dear Sterling and Melinda, Dennis, Dean and Julie, Beverly, Lisa, Tom, and Ken and Sharon,

Speaking to Divine Waters Uganda staff in the village of Aloborom in Northern Uganda, 20 year old Kavin said that she used to hear people talking a lot about Divine Waters Uganda and how they were helping provide clean water in nearby communities.

Meanwhile, her community continued to drink dirty water that was white in color and often full of sand. With no other option, Kavin and her family collected this water anyway.

Thank to your combined generosity, Divine Waters Uganda was able to provide a well for this community. Families are now able to wash clothes and bathe whenever they like, and are no longer suffering from water related diseases.

Loan made through See Your Impact.

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