Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have received a report on my second "See your Impact" donation.

No longer lonely, Najesh is loved!

Dear Kanwar, Beverly, Laura, Katherine, Peggy, and Jim,

Najesh was a destitute child, who was left to fend for himself in the harsh city of Mumbai, till Sahaara Charitable Society found out about him, and admitted him into Mahima Home, a home for orphaned boys.

At Mahima Home, Najesh receives English medium schooling in one of the top schools in the locality, quality accommodation and wholesome nutrition within a loving family environment afforded by dedicated houseparents.

Najesh is an energetic , physically fit and active eight year old boy today. He loves computer games and loves the outdoors as well. He is a good student in school and overall, Najesh is blossoming into a secure child, not fearing, but looking forward to his future!

Your generous donations, Kanwar, Beverly, Laura, Katherine, Peggy, and Jim, will enable Sahaara to provide three fresh and nutritious meals to Najesh for, thereby ensuring that he remains healthy and continues doing well in his studies.

Thank you all so much, for coming together in support of Najesh!

Loan made through See Your Impact.

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