Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Josephat

Michelle of Blogging from the Boonies is a shamelessly bad person!  I simply MUST stop reading her blog! Wainaina from Kenya is a result of one of her posts, Theresa from Ghana is a result of one of her posts, Kwagala from Uganda, with whom I share sponsorship (a whole bunch of us help sponsor her) is a result of one of her posts.  The other day she posted photos of orphans who are waiting for sponsors.  I was just going to look.  You know how that goes.  It's like going to the store for milk and coming home with nothing but milk.

I truly was NOT going to sponsor another child, but look at this face.

This is Josephat, who is 7 years old, an orphan being raised in a home with his sister and three others. I looked at the pain on that little face, with puffy dark circles under his eyes, and my heart melted.  So I am now sponsoring Josephat.  I don't have his information yet, other than his age, that he's from Kenya, and his picture, but I will be writing more about him in the coming months.

This is really the last.  I absolutely, positively cannot afford another child!


  1. I've said "absolutely, positively" not many times. I now have 12 children!!!!! And I'm eyeing one of Michelle's orphans, too. I love these kids!!!

  2. This post made me smile, Bev! Love it! Josphat is adorable and I am sure he will be so happy to hear that he has been chosen by you! <3

  3. I also know the feeling of "I truly was NOT going to sponsor another child!" I've gone from one child to six in the last year. I completely understand, haha.

    Josphat is so sweet. That face! I am so happy for you!