Friday, December 21, 2012

Letter(s) from Esther

There were two letters from Esther in Indonesia, both dated the same date, October 8, 2012.  Not sure why there are two, but they were very nice to receive.

To Beverly Sykes,

I thank God for his blessings, which flow over on us.  I was happy to receive the gift from you, Susan Jane Hagelstein Memrial.  I spent it on new clothes.  My 17th birthday was different from the last ones.  It's because I had many new things to do.  Seems at age 17, things are more difficult.  I'll do the exams, to.  Please pray for me to do the exams well. 

God bless you.  Sweet regards.  Thank you for the gift.

And now for letter #2

To Beverly Sykes,

I really thank you and because He loves and protects me until I am 17 now.  Because of His grace I can grow well.  I hope that I'll be more mature and be closer to God, be a useful child for parents and nation, more diligent to study. 

I love reading.  I usually read novels. 

What did you feel when you were at 17?  I think at 17 we get some changes.

Thank you for the letter, the photo and the stickers which you've sent for me.  May God bless you always.


  1. It seems that she's struggling a little bit with being 17 years old now. I wonder what it is exactly that has become different in her life.

  2. That's what I wrote to ask her when I answered this letter.