Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thank you from Fred

What a great letter I received from Fred today, thanking me for his birthday gift, which he used to buy a basketball.  I've been hoping he could get a basketball since he loves the sport so much.  The nicest thing  was that the letter came with a great photo.

 Dear Auntie Sykes:

Christian greetings!

Hi!  Thank you for your letter and stickers.  My height now is 127.5 cm and I weigh 22.4 kg.  The baby in my mother's tummy is bigger now.  My father is still not here because he is on vacation.  I never ate cherry.  We have more durian here.  Do you like to eat durian?

In our school I like to learn more about places.

Belated happy birthday to your son.  Briana and Lacie are beautiful. 

Please pray that I will be far from accident in our school.  Also, for my mother's delivery. 

God bless you!

I received an amount of 1,071.50.  I bought chess board, more clothes and basketball.  I wore the clothes when I go to church.  Thank you.



  1. What a wonderful gift! You're helping his physical needs and mental needs. He spent his money well! I said a prayer for his mtoher's pregnancy and upcoming delivery.

  2. Oh look at that wonderful smile!

  3. What a sweet letter! I love when the kids provide updates on how big they are getting- and that "the baby in my mother's tummy is bigger now" is just PRECIOUS!

  4. I have been praying you'd get a letter! So happy that it also came with a picture and a BIIIIIG smile! Awesome!

  5. That is cool that Fred got a basketball!!! And what a treat to get photos!! It's such a cute letter learn so much about his personality :)