Friday, May 24, 2013

Letter from Anjali

This is a nice long letter from Anjalli, but it's very difficult to read because of her handwriting.  Nevertheless, I shall try. I know I have some of it wrong. But first, here is a sample of her handwriting:

Dear Beverly Sykes,

I received your letters.  We you happy my family members also happy. Thanky for you prayers. My family also fine. How is Tom and his daughters.  I pray for your volunteer job.  Photos very beautiful.  Belated happy birthday to you Lacie.  I pray for you.  Month good health.  How [agreast?] God proted you mother (my C.D.M.) lord one story and she sound currice lay lesson.  In the projeect we are in wenter new days. After comminy summer.  I have "A" grade in both yearly exams.  Alsways happy when the season changes.

Our church gives cloths for poor people every Christmas.  You one very beautiful in cooking uniform.  Your grandchildren Brianna, Lacie and Jeri, Tom, Ned, I pray from all you family members.

Thank you for your information.  I went to church every month in the project every Sunday gatteneeded the Bible quiz and children in prayer.

I have one brother, one sister, all members. happy we celebrated Christmas and New Year. 

How is your Christmas and celebration? Once again thank you for your prayers, letters, photos, I remember you in my daily prayers.  Thank you for your family.  Thank you for your love and support.

Your loving child,

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  1. What a fun letter!! I love how she said you look beautiful in your "cooking uniform"! Her handwriting is a little difficult--but it looks like she works hard to form the letters just so!!