Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter from Josphat

Here is another of those fill in the blank form letters, with an additional passage from the translator.  This one is about festivals and holidays.  This is dated March 3, 2013.

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Some of our holidays are    Christmas   .  My favorite national holiday is   Labour Day .  My family celebrates my favorite national holiday by     Visiting Friends   .

My favorite foods to eat during celebrations are   rice and goats meat  ,  

My family celebrates Christmas by    slaughtering a goat.

Last December I received  clothes and shoes   from my project as my Christmas gift.

My family celebrates the New Year by   going to church   .

During   Christmas   holiday I enjoyed   a lot   .

Message to my sponsor:  Beverly

Receive much greetings from Josphat.  He says he is doing good in the Lord and also hopes your year started well, too.  He thanks you for the letter that you sent him more so the pictures were lovely (especially the Christmas tree).  The child appreciates Brianna so much.  He says he enjoyed his Christmas with his family and they are all okay.  He adds "bye bye."


  1. That's so sweet that Josphat really enjoyed the photo of your Christmas tree! And it's fascinating to read about the holidays he celebrates...especially how he described the Christmas celebration as slaughtering a goat! It must be a big hit to eat well on Christmas. What a great letter!

  2. I asked him if this is a ceremonial thing, with all the family participating, or if someone just kills a goat and brings it in to be cooked. I'll be curious to get his response.