Monday, June 17, 2013

Letter from Shallon

My lovely Beverly Sykes,

Let me take this opportunity to thank God who has given me this golden chance to talk to you through this letter.

I thank you for the letters you sent to me.  I send my prayers to you and your family.

I send my love to you and your friends.  Tell your friends that I love them.

It is wonderful to see you replying my letters.  I thank you very much.

I hope that baby Lacie and Brianne are fine.

We are still in wet season.  Trees are shedding off their beautiful leaves.

We are not planting anything because the rainfall is too much.  My friends are greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ.  My friend and I request you to give me more information about Ned because Ned is a good musician.

I want to  send you a verse in the bible.  It is from Psalms, Chapter 130:7.  It says "Trust in the Lord.  The Lord is the one who is faithful and true."

How is your legs?  Are you fine?  I wish to see babies Brianna and Lacie.  If you don't mind you can send me their photos.

Let me stop here.

Yours faithfully,

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