Thursday, June 6, 2013

Letter & Photo from Emmanuella

I received this beautiful photo from Emmanuella today.

This is a thank you for the backpack she got for Christmas, I think, though the letter does not include a thank you. But my God is this a beautiful photo.  With her head shaved and the hint of a smile, I think it brings out how beautiful her eyes are.

Here is the letter (dated 5/5/13) that accompanies this photo:

Dear Beverly,

Thank you for the letters, pictures and words of encouragement you gave me.  I am very glad to have you.  I wish you happy birthday, Beverly!  Yes, I can identify you in the picture.  You are in the black t-shirt.  My mother prepare sweet pastries, e.g., cake, meat pie and rough barns. (I'm not sure what "rough barns" are!  I had asked how her family celebrates birthdays)

I was 6th in my class exams this term.

How old is your father now?

I pray that God will give you everlasting life.

Pray that God will give my parent wisdom to take care of me.

Romans 6:23:  For the wages of sin is death but the gifts of God is eternal in Christ Jesus, Our Lofd.

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  1. What a beautiful photo of Emmanuella!!!! And what a sweet letter! Thanks for sharing!