Saturday, November 9, 2013

Letter from Anjali

Anjali is now writing her own letters in English, but because of some problems with English it's not easy to always know what she is writing, though she prints very clearly.  She seems to leave out verbs and punctuation, for one thing!  But this is what it looks like she is saying in this letter (which I love for its length!)

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.  I have received 4 letters from you.  I am very happy.  Our project staff explained [thileten] (she printed that word very clearly,but I don't know what she meant to say!) How are you.  How is your work.  Belated many many happy returns of the birthday to you.  I pray for your happy life.  Family photo is very nice and beautiful.  Thank you for your mail letters.  Our mail letter [deieveled] twor three days in our country.  Letters also.

Brianna birthday cake is very beautiful.  All one fine all photes one fine. Brianna is very very beautiful.  I don't know Pinata, computer.  Postman gives letters in our church. Christening baptism also same our church.  Congregation sang this song deva shisumala the chithime.

Thank you for all information.  I am very happy to write this letter.  My family also fine.  Promoted 5th grade project game.  Notebooks project staff also fine project conducted children in prayer.  All children divided groups. Pray for prayer request.  I pray for you and your family once that you for your letters.  I am very happy.  Thank you for your love, concern and support.

Your loving child,

M. Anjali

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