Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letter from Lovson

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Today, it is with much joy that I take advantage of this opportunity to
write to you.  How are you doing?  And your family?  As for me, everything
is doing very good.  Recently I had a cold which made me cough a lot, but
now I am OK thanks to the medicines I took.

I was glad to get your letters.  Thank you for the picture.  I am glad to
see how much beautiful you are.

(These are in answer to questions I asked)

I like to help my mother to cook.

I knew an old person who was 100 years old.  Her name was ZaZa.

I always see fog when it is raining.

I am asking you to always pray for me that God makes me succeed in school.

There was something that I liked very much on the occasion of my birthday.
It was thanksgiving service that we had in my family.

I love you very much


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