Friday, November 7, 2014

Letter from Shallon

My mother, Beverly Sykes,

Let me take this opportunity to thank God for giving me another golden chance to talk to you.  How are you, my mother?  My family members are sending warm greetings to you.  My family members and I are all okay and healthy.  Every time I receive letters from you I feel so happy.  Thank you very much for loving me and sparing some time to write to me.  I am happy to hear that you celebrated 49 years in marriage.  That is very good.  The photos of your wedding are very nice and you all even had a smile.  I am glad t hear that Dick and Gerry have been married for 50 years.

Jeri at the age of four, Lacie, Brianna with Mickey Mouse.  They looked so happy.  Is it still hot there?

Yes, at school we use chalk and draw pictures while discussing.  The drawings on the letter are so nice.  Yes, I have ever sneezed when I had flu.

How was Tom's birthday?  Thank you very much for selecting a nice cake for Tom in form of a football field. 

We have sunflowers where I live and they are good to watch as they grow.  In our area we have an old man who is 101 years old, but he cannot move long distances.  No, I have never met a pirate and I am not aware of a pirate bible.  How old is Friday now?  Congratulations to Abbie for giving birth.

(Friday is a colt whose birth I watched on "barn cam" some months ago.  Abbie is his mother.)

You have really done a good job at the book store.  I love cooking 

My mother, I am happy to inform you that I am at school studying very well.  We are now in third term and I am reading hard to be promoted to another class.  In my area we receive both rain and sunshine.  I have planted cabbages in my garden.  I liked the Easter song you wrote to me.  My sister is now okay.

Thank you for the photos that you sent to me.

I wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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