Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter from Brayan

Blessings, Beverly Sykes,

How are you?  I hope that you are well and i good health next to your family at the time this letter arrives.  I thank you for the five letters that you have sent to me and all the pictures that you sent to me from your family.  Also I t hank you for the notepad that you gave with such love and dedication with the description that your family did.  I am very happy to know you and in the name of Jesus we will continue to be good friends.

My grandmother is in good health.  Let me tell you I live with my mother and my stepdad and my younger brother, named Franklin.  We are only two brothers.

I am playing with a soccer team called Real Zambrano.  I ask you to pray for me so I can do well at the CDC and go more often.  I will pray for your mom, who is 95 years old for sometimes I stay some weeks with my grandmother to take care of her.  Now that I am bigger i do not live with my grandmother but with my mom.

I like burgers and everything it has and I like spicy.  Let me tell you that my countries there are no earthquakes, but only small shakes.  I have felt some shakes, feel a little bit weird because I get dizzy.  In my country, Honduras, it is a little bit concerning because there are bad people and I ask you to pray for my country so it an improve that situation.

At the time i am writing this letter I am well with my family.  Your son Ned, how many children does he have?  Does your mother like flowers?  We will continue praying for you so I an rotect you.  Blessings.  Happy New Year.  Until next time.


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