Friday, March 27, 2015

Letter from Anjali

 A beautiful long letter from my first sponsored child. The English isn't always perfect and there are some things I'm not sure about, but this is the longest letter I have ever received from any of my 25 kids!

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.  How are you?  How is your health?

I received your letter.  I am very happy about that.  I like summer but my favorite season is winter because every day early morning we go to carrels.  I also love buy fresh vegetables and fruits.  I like strawberry so much.  I like sunflowers  We have sunflowers field near our house front side.  Sunflowers are very useful in our society.

Psalms:23 chapter I like so much.  The lord is my shepherd, because in lord have everlasting love.

I like July month because so many people birthdays on that month.  Every year on my birthday I invite friends and neighbors my house and I give cake.  I like cake so much.  Tom's cake looking very nice because the cake like a football field.  I like small childrens.  Your grandchildren are so sweet.  I like Lacie the little one very much.  I like books.  And read them and understand so many new important things in our society.

In July we are in rainy season.  Rains are used to grow crops very well.  Thank you for your daily prayer.

Yours wedding photos are so nice.  I wish you a happy wedding anniversary.  Your dress is so nice.  I like your veil looking very nice.  I like your church  I like music and songs very much.  I sing songs very well.  I wish you a happy wedding anniversary to next year.

Every day I pray for you and your family. Please pray for me and my family.  Please pray for my studies.  Thank you for your lovely letters.

Photos very nice and beautiful.  I am very happy to write this letter.  Every day I pray for my project and also you god saved problems  You also pray for my project and also you god saved problems.  You also pray my project and I am proved your sponsoring.  I am preparing annually and unit 4th exams.  i will try to write lettersto you in English.  You also special time.  Thank you for your prayers.  Cow dog is very beautiful.  Dog is faithful animal.  It [?watded] away with us.

Santa Barbara city State Street is very beautiful.  Three postcards canaries is very beautiful.  Santa Barbara's very beautiful.  Thank you for love and letters.  How is tom uncle [i don't know what that means...she uses it twice]

How is Tom?  How is your friends Gabi, Alec and Steve?  What about their jobs?

I remain every day in my prayers.  My family also also pray for your family.  I learned many songs and bible stories in my project.  Project given Christmas dress.  I wish you tom uncle.  I am studying well.  We are entering summer season.  Thank you love, concern, letters, your blessing and precious sponsor.

Your loving child

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