Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Letter from Venkana

Venkanna's English is not perfect and his handwriting is difficult to read sometimes and he uses no punctuation, but I appreciate that his messages don't go through a translator, but that he writes them directly in English

My dear Sponsor, Beverly Sykes,

I am fine here.  I hope you also fine.  Here winter is started,, very cold and I had written 3rd unit test.  I got good marks and we decided to go about to Hyderabad and Nagas.  I am in my school.  I am so happy for celebrated your 49th wedding anniversary and I am attending to the church. We are praying for Christmas and here that's grown.  We put tomatoes.(he spells better than Dan Quayle!)

I am praying for your family also.  How are you?  How is your family?  I am studying very well.  I am playing with my friends.  I am so happy to see and to read these beautiful letters.  I wanted to convey happy belated birthday to Tom.  I was also very much blessed by the verse which you have sent me, i.e., Isaiah 110:8.  I am also very glad to see all your family photos.  I prayed that God will shower his blessings and happiness in your family always.

Your loving
G. Venkanna

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