Sunday, March 29, 2015

Letter from Brayan

Dear Beverly Sykes,

How is your health going?  I wish you are doing very well with your family.  My family and I are enjoying a very good health.  I am very grateful for the letters and pictures you sent me.  I tell you I do not know the story of "The Wizard of Oz."  I will be waiting for your pictures.  Thank you for talking about Malala -- I can see she is a warrior.  It is good that God gave her a 2nd opportunity.

I received your letter and saw your mom by the Christmas tree with the lights.

I tell you in my project I learned more bible verses and songs.  I go to CDC every Friday and I always get a 100.  I also learn many beautiful things about God.  I like to go to the project so that i remain away from evil ways.

Have you ever visited my country -- Honduras?  Have you heard about it?

I always keep you in my prayers to the Lord will give you great health.  I ask you to pray for me.  I am now going to 6th grade.  I need the Lord to give me wisdom.

I say goodbye to you with many hugs and with great love and many kisses.  I would like to know from you soon.  See you!


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