Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter from Miché

 Miché is good about answering all sorts of questions.  I should give him more questions that need more than a "yes" or "no" answer!


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Today, I am so pleased to be writing you this letter.  How are you doing and family?  I am doing very well, thanks to God.  How are doing your activities?  It is always with joy that I am writing you.  I was glad to gt your letter and the beautiful picture.  No, I don't hear about this game called "bowling"  Yes, it is me who use to take it  (him) in the Project.  Yes, there are vets here to take care of  the animals.  Yes, there are people to gather the trash.  There are several people that help people in the community as nurses. Yes,  have people who help me in the community.  No, I did not hear about the snow storm.  I am asking you to pray for my school and my church.  Thank you.

I wish that God blessed you.

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