Saturday, July 30, 2011


I had two letters from Fred:

May 20

Dear Auntie Sykes

Have a blessed day!!! Hope that you are doing fine well. We are so blessed that every time Fred have a letter come from you. We are enjoying reading your letter. Well thank you for all the post card that you have send for Fred. We enjoyed seeing.

He likes to play drum, and his favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me." The subject that is easiest for him is Filipino language and the hardest is "mathematics."

You know, Auntie Sykes, in ever since we have ever seen a tree that we seen in the picture that the car passed under it. (I sent them a picture of a giant Sequoia with a car driving through it). And also the place of Santa Barbara. It so very nice even though we cannot go there, but through this picture it seems that we are there.

By the way, what is the work of your husband? We still praying for you that God will guide you and protect for you. So continue to pray for him specially his father that God would really change his life.

God bless you!

May 21

Dear Auntie Sykes.

Christian Greetings!!! We are still praying for you that God will pour out his blessing for you. Well, about Fred, he's still doing good at home. He is responsible to his sisters. He is doing also at school. This coming June he proceed to the second grade level. He is excited to see his classmates and his friends.

This month he attended Children's Camp at Bible Baptist Church. He sleep at church with his fellow children. He enjoyed very much, because he join in ball games and parlor games. Their group won and received many prizes at the last day of their program. Is your church also having this activities such as this? Next week he have a DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) so please pray for Fred that he will grow in the Lord.

May God Bless You!!!

Lyra Cardinal (Fred's mother)

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