Friday, July 15, 2011

Shallon and Wainaina

Well, after a long dry spell, I've finally had two days of very nice Compassion mail. Today it was my two oldest kids, both sponsored kids (not correspondence kids), both kids who write in English. The first was from Shallon, in Uganda, who writes:

My Beloved Friend, Beverly Sykes.

Let me take this opportunity to thank God who has given me this golden chance to talk with you in this letter. Thank you for your prayers in my exams. I did well in my exams with no problem faced in my exams. In my exams I scored the following - 6 English, 4 Math, 8 Science, 5 Aggregates, 23 Division two (I don't have a clue what any of this really means). That is in my exams.

Let me thank you because you have given me another photo and letters. I would like you to send my greetings to Ned, Jeri and Tom. Sorry about the death of Paul and David. May God rest their souls in eternal peace.

You have told me to tell you whether snow was around us in our country. Yes, it was near to us.

I joined the secondary school so pray for me to pass exams in the senior one.

So I wish you the best Easter day. After Easter day we are going to go back to the holidays. In senior I have made many new friends. Those are Moreeen and Phionah. In our school we have scripture union. This scripture union teaches us reading Bibl and singing Jesus songs. On last Saturday we enjoyed scripture union club at our school. We eat, dance and sing many songs.

When I saw your letters and photos I was very surprised because I take long time wihout talking to you. In the Bible I have a verse which helps me in my studies which is in Psalms 9:1-16. I want to send you a verse Psalms 13:16. It says I will sing to you, O Lord, because you have been good to me.

In our school I have already started to sing. I have a song to you. It is in Hosea 14:1. It says Return to the Lord x3. The lord is calling. We have sinned, Lord, against you but we call upon your presence. We are back you.

Let me stop here. Your loving daughter, Shallon.

That is the longest letter I have received from any of my children since I began this project.

Wainaina from Kenya also sent a very nice letter:

Dear Beverly. I am glad to write this letter to you. First is greetings from me. I am happy to know that you are doing well and you are healthy. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am doing well in school and Compassion. I always pray for you to God to bless you and your family to be protected. I hope that you are praying for me.

For now we are preparing for Easter celebration. That is death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I request you to pray for me to pass my exams. May God bless you.

Read Isaiah 60:1: "Arise Jerusalem and shine like the sun. The glory of the Lord is shining in you."

He also included a wonderful drawing.

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