Monday, August 13, 2012

New Kiva Loan

 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help this woman buy shit!

Rugarama United group consists of 13 members, both male and female, located in the outskirts of Ibanda town in Uganda.

The members have lived and worked within the same locality for the past five years. The group was formed to support each other in meeting the needs of the individual members. They believe in togetherness in facing their daily challenges.

Margret, a member of the group, majors in agriculture, particularly in bananas and cabbages. She wants to buy manure to fertilise her garden so as to improve on her yields. At the moment, her harvests are about 500 cabbages in a good season, but with this loan, she hopes to double the harvest.

Margret started her business to supplement her husband's income. With income from cabbage sales, she with her husband have been able to pay school fees for all their children and also meet other needs.

Margret is excited that she will be able to complete her unfinished house. They have been building it for the past six years.

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