Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Letter from Josephat

Some information about Josephat from his letter, before the actual letter.  Josephat is from Kenya.

Caregiver:  Sister and Maria Loipokopeny
Josephat is an orphan

My brothers and sisters
Eliza (F) 15 yrs
Lemayian (M) 3 yrs
     (sister's children)
Lpenilas (M) 4 yrs
Najipo (F) 10 months

My best friend
Leo (M) 7 yrs

Best Game:  Soccer
Best Song:  "Depend on the Lord"
Best Food:  Rice stew
Best School Subject:  National Language (Kiswahili)
Best Bible Story:  Joseph
Best Color:  Red

Message for my sponsor:
Josephat says Hello!  And he hopes you are well.  He is also well together with his guardian.  He stays with his sister, who is his guardian.

Josephat also says he is in class two (2) of Milimani primary school now.  And the name of his village is called Yamo.

Your sponsored child thanks you for being his sponsor.

Josephat requests you to pray for his sister and her children.  He says he will pray for you too.


  1. When did you first sponsor Josephat? I sponsored Jackson (in Kenya) in June and still haven't heard anything. Just curious how long it took for you to receive this first letter.

    Also - which project is he at? My Jackson is at KE 200

  2. That was a FAST letter! Wow!

    So, reading this, do you think he has another older sister? I can't imagine that his 15 year old sister already has 2 children, though it is possible.